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Sketch: Volume 37, Issue 6

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Into The Trashcan
( 1972) Taub, Liba ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A crumpled Kleenex Snot-filled with despair, "Fifty percent stronger Than the other leading brand/' Now tattered, cast aside Soon to be replaced By the next successor In the decorator box. My love It seems, has found Its fate...

The Two Of You
( 1972) Christy, Alan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Your quiet eyes are seeing a long way. Something you know tingles the back of your neck Then surges up into your head again, And out of your eyes first, then covered with words It goes to meet her same knowledge halfway. Outside, rain sinks the ground into the ground, The night is looking in through every window...

New House
( 1972) Grimmius, Marie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Lacy rain-filled night Rushes in the door, I am going out Wandering peacefully north Yellow pebbled floor in mind...

The Baby Eater
( 1972) Graham, John ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

SUNK in the thickets under the chill of the moon. Light the bush that will bring them to me. Pipe my music over the hills and listen for the hoofs of the lambs. I'll wait. And I'll conjure...

Consider The Lilies
( 1972) Junker, Marian ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

IT IS winter, but no snow has fallen. The ground is cracked and bare. Here and there a stubborn seed pod clings to a dead stalk, but every day the wind loosens it. Soon it will fall to the waiting earth...