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Farm Science Reporter: Volume 6, Issue 2

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Iowa Butter- Vitamin Rich
( 1945-04-01) Bird, Emerson ; Ferguson, Fred ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Folks who eat Iowa butter in generous amounts are rather sure to be getting a great deal of that important vitamin— vitamin A.

Sow Down The Highway
( 1945-04-01) Heath, Maurice ; Carey, Seldon ; Hughes, H. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Good roads are a “must” to the Iowa farmer. Once they are built, how can we keep them from going to pieces because of washing—erosion? A big portion of the answer to that question appears to be sowing the right plants with the right methods on roadsides, cuts and fills to make the soil stay “put.” Still more of the answer lies with the Iowa farmer, for his lands adjoining the highways if not properly farmed may help destroy the good roads he wants so badly.

Farm Science Reporter Vol. 6 No. 2
( 1945-04-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
Streamline The Kitchen
( 1945-04-01) Vieth Klas, Jean ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

With an eye to postwar remodeling, the average Mrs. Homemaker casts the other eye upon her kitchen as the first room for improvements.

Lambs Put OK On Silage
( 1945-04-01) Culbertson, C. ; Ferguson, Fred ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

In lamb feeding trials here at Iowa Station during the past winter, we had two main objectives in mind: (1) To find whether it would pay to feed lambs corn silage and 'alfalfa hay instead of hay and (2) whether one can and should push lambs up to a good feed of shelled corn and hold them at that level, or whether the amount of corn should be shifted from time to time in accordance with the appetite of the lambs to keep them on full feed.