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Winter 2015 Ethos: Volume 2016, Issue 2

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Naked and Displayed
( 2015-06-01) Neuendorf, Zachary ; Klauer, Emerald ; Kestel, Meredith ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

“You don’t mind posing?” Cléo asks.

Dorotheé quips back, “No, why?”

“I’d be so exposed, afraid they’d find a fault.”

“Nonsense! My body makes me happy, not proud. They’re looking at more than just me. A shape, an idea. It’s as if I wasn’t there, like I was asleep.”

Front Matter
( 2015-06-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Contains "Cover", "Staff", "Letter from the Editors", and "Table of Contents".

Sister, Sister
( 2015-06-01) Ivanisevic, Alex ; Larsen, Mikayla ; Laczniak, Jonathan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Some people go to college to get as far away from their families as possible, and then there are people like me, who bring their family with them. I know what you’re thinking, “Why, is this girl’s mom sitting in her dorm?!” Thee answer is no—but my twin sister might be.

A Letter from an Ex-Boyfriend
( 2015-06-01) Martinez, Richard ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

I’m sitting here slowly breathing next to your shirt you left in my bed. While the scent is lovely, it abruptly reminds me—your smell will always follow and haunt me. But I’m trying to get through; I went out again for the first time in the longest time—something I couldn’t bring myself to do. I held the door, she held my hand; it was all picturesque and typical. Maybe eventually I’ll stop mistaking your face for strangers in the streets.

Winter Hideouts
( 2015-06-01) Klootwyk, Amber ; Cai, Lu ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Hear from Iowa State students about their favorite winter hideouts.