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Ames Forester: Volume 77, Issue 1

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Xi Sigma Pi
( 1990) Bahr, Gary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Iowa State Foresters are quite proud to belong to Xi Sigma Pi, the oldest forestry honors society in the United States. Providing recognition of those hardworking and deserving students and faculty is the central goal of this outstanding society. The Alpha Gamma Chapter is in its 14th year at Iowa State University and has been promoting excellence in the profession since its inception.

A Summer In Colorado
( 1990) DeCook, Steve ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Throughout the three to five years a forestry undergraduate spends at Iowa State University, many opportunities for summer employment are available for him/her to pursue. Some students work at home with non-related forestry jobs, but every student must fulfill the Ag. 104 requirement before graduation by working in the summer as a seasonal for a government agency, with a private industry, or with a forestry- related job that meets the department's qualifications.

ISU Forestry Club
( 1990) Baughman, Shannon ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

There is more to college than studying, and the ISU Forestry Club is one of the alternatives. The ISU Forestry Club has had a very full year of activities. The year started off with the annual Freshman Welcome Picnic. Fifty students and faculty members got together one afternoon at a local Ames park for volleyball, brats, and conversation. This gave the incoming freshman an opportunity to meet many of the faculty and forestry students at ISU. Further in the semester, the club ventured to the forestry greenhouses to plant 7,400 seedlings to give away at VEISHEA. Special thanks goes to Rich Faltonson for his help with the project. A new activity this year was a potluck dinner for the entire forestry family. A Christmas potluck dinner took place in Bessey one Sunday night. Faculty, staff, undergraduates, graduate students, and their family and friends all gathered together for an exceptional meal.

VEISHEA 1990 "A Dream in the Making"
( 1990) Trytek, Ken ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

VEISHEA is a good opportunity for high school students and visitors to see what Iowa State University has to offer through various ISU student displays. It is also a good time to explore the many different careers that could be in their future. Our goal with the ISU Forestry VEISHEA display is to inform everyone of the very diverse career opportunities within the field of forestry.

Diamond Year Forestry Summer Camp: A Tradition Started 75 Years Ago
( 1990) Countryman, David ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On June 5, 1989, 21 enthusiastic students (19 male and 2 female) checked in at the Cloquet Forestry Center to begin the Diamond Year Forestry Summer Camp of Iowa State University. Although this is the 75th year since the first camp was held in 1914, this is the 81 st Iowa State Forestry Summer Camp. The confusion results from two sources: (1) due to the demands of World War II and limited enrollment in Forestry, no Camp was held during a 3-year period (1943-1945), and (2) between 1939 and 1951 , eight Junior Camps were held for junior and senior students who had completed the Freshman Camp.