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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 3, Issue 2

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Porcine Malignant Edema
( 1941) Campbell, R. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On Dec. 23, 1940, near Brookfield, Mo., an outbreak of malignant edema in a herd of swine was observed. According to the owner 20 hogs developed clinical symptoms within 36 hours following his detection of the first sick animal. After this period no other affected animals appeared. A fox terrier dog known to have eaten a jowl from an infected carcass developed typical malignant edma symptoms within three days and died within a week.

The Southeast Wing
( 1941) Munson, Wm. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Almost a century ago, the eminent French physiologist, Claude Bernard, to whom many early physiological discoveries are attributed, described medicine as the science of sickness. Physiology, he stated, is the science of life; therefore, it should be the scientific basis of medicine.

Enucleation of a Steer's Eye
( 1941) Anderson, C. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A one year old Hereford steer was admitted to the Stange Memorial Clinic, Jan. 5, 1941. The left eyeball was protruding from the orbit, and there was swelling beneath the skin, above and below the eye. The history given was that the steer has been dehorned and infection had entered the frontal sinus. Such a history suggested the swelling resulting from the infection in the sinus had pushed the eyeball out of its bony orbit.

Alumni News
( 1941) Iowa State University Digital Repository
A Little of the Unusual
( 1941) Davidson, A. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Two years ago this spring a rather unusual thing occurred involving three thoroughbred mares. These three mares were owned by an Indiana man and were boarded in this locality near Lexington, Ky., to be bred and foal on one particular horse farm. All three were maidens, that is, carrying their first foals, and all fairly good individuals.