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Dissemination of farm market news and its importance in decision-making Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station Research Bulletin: Volume 35, Issue 553

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Dissemination of farm market news and its importance in decision-making
( 2017-06-22) Bohlen, Joe ; Beal, George ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

This study seeks to determine the sources of market news used by Iowa farmers, particularly radio reports. It examines farmers' preferences concerning market reports and the extent to which radio farm news is being used. Finally, it analyzes suggestions of farmers on how market news reports may be improved.

Twenty-one farm couples were selected by a random sampling procedure from each of seven Iowa counties (Adair, Bremer, Carroll, Keokuk, Marshall, Palo Alto and Wright). They were interviewed for information concerning the farm market news they receive and its value to them in making farming decisions. These 147 families were contacted twice during the last part of March and the first part of April 1961. On the initial visit, they were provided with information log forms (charts) and asked to keep an accurate record of all their radio listening and television viewing during the predetermined 2-day period. The second visit to the farm was made immediately after the 2-day recording period. On this second visit, detailed, separate interview schedules were administered to the farmer and his wife, and their radio-listening and television-viewing charts were collected.