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The essentials of a successful self-feeder for swine Bulletin: Volume 17, Issue 208

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The essentials of a successful self-feeder for swine
( 2017-07-28) Evvard, John ; Davidson, J. ; Foster, W. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The satisfactory self-feeder for swine should, in a general way, possess these requirements: 1. Simplicity: It should be easy to build and easy to operate. The materials used had best be easily obtained, thus avoiding a “special order” with its probable difficulties. 2. Convenience: It had best be so arranged as to require the least time and labor of attention; it should be easy to fill, to clean and to adjust. The movable and portable feature commends itself to the swine farm, especially those equipped with movable hog houses, because of the ease of transference from one vantage point to another.