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The Iowa Homemaker vol.6, no.1 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 6, Issue 1

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Care Gives Wear
( 2017-04-07) Dahl, Helen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Clothes-the topic of conversation in the tea room, in the hotel lobby, in the salon, in the office and in every home-is a good subject when talk lags. But we only talk of the newest styles, the new clothes of our neighbors and seldom talk of how well some people keep their clothes looking.

Personality tn Children's Clothing
( 2017-04-07) Iowa State University Digital Repository

If you were a three-year-old and received such an invitation in an envelope of marbelized paper all tied up in bright yearn and wooden beads. Wouldn't you be ready to go with your mother to the children's color and texture reading given by the girls in the class of Children's Clothing.

Who's There and Where
( 2017-04-07) Fitzsimmons, Cleo ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Mrs. Olive Wilson Curtiss, H. Ec. '87, one of the graduates of Iowa State College who has been a successful homemaker, believes that every woman should be prepared to fill her place in the economic world.

Individuality in Dress
( 2017-04-07) Iowa State University Digital Repository

How often have we heard people say, "She has marvellous clothes; they're so individual." And how often do we sigh and say, "Oh, yes, but she has a special knack for doing the original thing."

The Iowa Homemaker vol.6, no.1
( 2017-04-07) Branson, Gladys ; Miles, Idamae ; Fitzsimmons, Cleo ; Millerke, Berenice ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Table of Contents

Personality in Children’s Clothing, page 1

We Borrow From Our Predecessors by Gladys Branson, page 2

Individuality in Dress, page 4

To Gather or Scatter Dust by Idamae Miles, page 4

Girls’ 4-H Club Page, page 5

With the Iowa State Home Economics Association, page 6

Editorial, page 7

Who’s There and Where by Cleo Fitzsimmons, page 8

Marketing as a Business Proposition by Berenice Millerke, page 9

The Eternal Question, page 10