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The Iowa Homemaker vol.28, no.6 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 28, Issue 6

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"I" Resolve
( 2017-07-26) Williams, Katherine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Need some help with those 1949 New Year's resolutions? Iowa State men are ready and willing to make suggestions. Here's what some of them say they'd resolve if they were you.

Make Your Career A County Home Economist
( 2017-07-26) Foster, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

I'm glad that I am a county extension home economist. Some folks call us home demonstration agents or home advisors. We work with some of the finest folks in the world-farm men and women and their sons and daughters who are striving for more pleasant living for themselves and their communities.

American Dietetic Association
( 2017-07-26) Thomson, Christine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This article has been written especially for those of you who are dietetics or institution management majors, because you may want to become a member of this national professional associations.

When You Buy A Fur
( 2017-07-26) Breckenridge, Jo ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

And there were mink coats and a strapless ermine formal with a wrap to match and a leopard sport coat and a white mink shortie all floating around on pink cloud hangers. And the terribly handsome man said, 'All for you, fair lady,' just like a King Arthur knight. And just as I was putting on the mink, the alarm clock woke me up!"

These Women Drivers
( 2017-07-26) Bailey, Merritt ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The ribbon of Sunday afternoon traffic flows smoothly down the highway. Suddenly it weaves and buckles. Your brakes scream in protest as the line of cars abruptly halts. At once a chorus of tortured horns and querulous voices fill the air. "What's wrong? What's holding up traffic?" The shouts of impatient drivers eddy about you.