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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 62, Issue 4

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Iowa State Journal of Research 62.4
( 1988-05-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

From the Editors. 477

Hibberd, K.A. Selection for amino acid overproducer mutants in maize: Valine selections. 479

Horsch, R.B. and collaborators. Agrobacterium-mediated gene transfer to plants; engineering tolerance to glyphosate. 487

Meredith, C.P., A.J. Conner, and T.M. Schettini. The use of cell selection to obtain novel plant genotypes resistant to mineral stresses. 523

McCoy, T.J. Tissue culture selection for disease resistant plants. 503

Ranch, J. and G.M. Pace. Science in the art of plant regeneration from cultured cells: An essay and a proposal for a conceptual framework. 537

Smith, R.H. and S. Bhaskaran. Sorghum cell culture: Somaclonal variation/screening. 571

Widholm, J.M. In vitro selection with plant cell and tissue culture: An overview. 587