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The Iowa Homemaker vol.15, no.2-3 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 15, Issue 2

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Lard Makes Better Pastries... Chemist's Experiments Show
( 2017-05-16) Eichelberg, Elmer ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Approximately three-fourths of the dessert served to men is pie, while the estimate for women is one-fourth, which may be variously explained as reflecting a more delicate appetite, a lower requirement of calories or a lesser expenditure of energy.

You Can't Cram for This! It's Physical Exam
( 2017-05-16) Wick, Ardith ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Mine is 81," said one of the women at the dinner table. "Oh, I'm better than that. Mine's 85," boasted another. A third spoke sorrowfully. "Mine's just 79." Grades? No, indeed! This conversation is indicative of the interest students here take in their health. These young women were discussing their respective blood counts in their recent physical examinations.

Here's Psychology For Temperamental Sinks
( 2017-05-16) Palmer, Isabella ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A haughty and pale creature is my kitchen sink. She is temperamental and stubborn at times. When she is happy, she gurgles and bubbles gaily like a baby while I go about the kitchen duties in my daily routine.

Tried Drinking It Iced?
( 2017-05-16) Lage, Marian ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Some like it hot and some like it cold," but the truth of the matter is that either hot or cold tea and coffee are cooling drinks for summer. Iced tea with a sprig of mint or slice of lemon, and iced coffee with cream and sugar or just ice are good as well as the many hot versions of the beverages. Hot drinks are cooling because they stimulate the body's system of cooling.

Tile and Brick Stand Up With Age and Weather
( 2017-05-16) Berry, Virginia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Over 6,000 years a?o, the. Babylonians and Assyrians, in whose country no stones were to be found, discovered that burned bricks were their most satisfactory building material.