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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 54, Issue 3

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Iowa State Journal of Research 54.3
( 1980-02-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Thomasson, J.R. Paleoagrostology: a historical review. 301

Pohl, R.W. Eragrostis hondurensis, a new grass species from Central America (Gramineae: Chloridoideae: Eragrosteae) 319

Hein, M.K. Flora of Adak Island, Alaska: lichens, liverworts, mosses. 323

Nielsen, D.C. and R.H. Shaw. Irrigation potential on Iowa soils of high water-holding capacity. 329

Pease, D.G. and D.F. Anderson. Relationships of previous sport participation, age, and sex with expressed attitudes toward sport team participation. 339

Onukogu, F.A., W.D. Guthrie, W.H. Awadallah, and J.C. Robbins. Hatchability of eggs and mating success of European corn borer cultures reared continuously on meridic diet. 347

Guthrie, W.D., F.A. Onukogu, W.H. Awadallah, and J.C. Robbins. Behavior and survival of cultures of European corn borers reared on a meridic diet in dishes. 357

Edwards, C.R, E.C. Berry, and T.A. Brindley. Effect of insecticide applications on insect predators of the European corn borer in central Iowa. 361

Rodriguez de Cianzio, S. and W.R. Fehr. Genetic control of iron deficiency chlorosis in soybeans. 367

Burris, J.S. Maintenance of soybean seed quality in storage as influenced by moisture, temperature, and genotype. 377

Jarvis, J.L. Resistance in sunflowers to sunflower moth. 391

Szabo, J.P. Quaternary stratigraphy of the lower part of Pioneer Creek Basin, Cedar and Jones Counties, Iowa. 401