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The Iowa Homemaker vol.28, no.4 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 28, Issue 4

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Housemothers Collect Cigars To Antiques
( 2017-07-25) Fox, Betty ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

While we sit and ponder over chemistry and foods notes, our housemothers pursue pastimes we may prefer to call "hobbies."

The Iowa Homemaker vol.28, no.4
( 2017-07-25) Wood, John ; Leveson, Margaret ; Myer, Virginia ; Allen, Barbara ; Fox, Betty ; Wallace, Margaret ; Krenek, Peggy ; Baker, Nancy ; Breckenridge, Jo ; Olson, Emogene ; Sutherland, Janet ; West, Mary ; Close, Patricia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

How’s Your Football I.Q.?, John Wood, page 2

Home Cookery Project on a One-burner Hot Plate, Margaret Leveson, page 4

Boost Your Bank Account, Virginia Myer, page 5

Introducing – Marjorie Garfield, Irene Nettleton, Barbara Allen, page 6

Housemothers Collect, Betty Fox, page 7

Food the European Way, Margaret Wallace, page 8

What’s New in Home Economics, Peggy Krenek, page 9

To You Who Dread Home Management, Nancy Baker, page 10

Victory for Vicky, Jo Ann Breckenridge, page 12

Here’s An Idea, Emogene Olson, page 14

A Farmwife’s Life For Me, Janet Sutherland, page 18

Keeping Up With Today, Mary West, page 20

Alums in the News, Patricia Close, page 24

How's Your Football I. Q.?
( 2017-07-25) Wood, John ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

It's Saturday afternoon at Clyde Williams Field and thousands of lusty-lunged Cyclone football fans are tearing up the stadium. With only seconds to go, a Cardinal and Gold pass receiver outraces the defense, picks a perfect spiral out of the air and races across the goal with the game-winning touchdown.

Food The European Way
( 2017-07-25) Wallace, Margret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Margret Wallace, junior home management major, spent last summer touring Western Europe with a group of young persons. Her itinerary included the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries where she sampled cooks' specials from soups to French pastries.

Boost Your Bank Account
( 2017-07-25) Myer, Virginia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Dad's bank account may need a little boost from you while you're attending classes at Iowa State. Part-time work is one solution when you really need financial help. Or perhaps you are going to work for the experience. Whatever your reasons, remember that outside activities take time away from studying. You'll have to learn to utilize every spare moment.