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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 50, Issue 2

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1988 Norden Distinguished Teacher
( 1988) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Each year, Norden Laboratories presents an award to a faculty member for outstanding teaching in Veterinary Medicine. The recipient is chosen by students and fellow faculty members in recognition of his or her abilities. The 1988 Norden Distinguished Teacher Award was presented to Dr. Joseph S. Haynes at the annual awards ceremony in April.

Minutes: ISUVMAA Board Meeting
( 1988) Hartwig, Nolan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The meeting was called to order by President Wilgenbusch at 2 p.m. Members present were: Duke Wilgenbusch, Jerry Den Herder, Wendell Davis, Fred Wertman, Jim Sievers, and Nolan Hartwig. A treasurer's report dated 5/26/88 (attached) was presented and accepted. The program for the Stange Banquet (attached) was also reviewed.

Editorial Notes
( 1988) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Early last summer one of my fellow students suggested I include an editorial column in future issues of the ISU Veterinarian. My first inclination was to decline but the suggestion came up again which prompted me to ask exactly about what should I write? The response was, and rightly so, to write about something for which I have strong feelings. Although it may seem silly, I had to stop and think about those feelings.

FDA Issues Warning About Defaced Drugs
( 1988) Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Food and Drug Administration's Center for Veterinary Medicine warns that some animal drugs are being sold at discounted prices in Texas, Colorado, and Kansas in packaging that has been defaced. The practice may not be limited to these three states.

Hats Off To The ISU Veterinarian
( 1988) Ramsey, F. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

We salute and commend the Veterinary Student Staff and Faculty Adviser of the Iowa State University Veterinarian for its excellent 50th Anniversary Edition commemorating its heritage, recording present events of students and faculty, and reporting current scientific knowledge of importance to the veterinary profession. It was the first veterinary student publication of its kind in the United States and first known as the Veterinary Student from 1938-1949, Iowa State College Veterinarian from 1950-1959, and Iowa State University Veterinarian from 1960 to date.