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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 8, Issue 7

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Stop Dragging Those Hog Houses
( 1954) Armstrong, Ray ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

No matter how well portable buildings are constructed, dragging them around involves a lot of strain and wear which considerably shortens building life. Especially where a portable building must be moved over graveled roads or sandy soils, rapid runner wear means expensive maintenance. And since the runners make up a part of the actual house framing, replacement is difficult.

The Amino Acid Story
( 1954) Fox, Sidney ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Pick up your newspaper, farm paper or farm magazine and glance at the feed ads. Chances are that one or more of them will mention "essential amino acids," and most of the rest will have something to say about protein supplement or feed efficiency. While feeders and feed manufacturers may think and talk in terms of "feed efficiency" when they talk about protein feeds, their principal problem is that of making up deficiences of essential amino acids.

Facts About Iowa's '53 Oat Plantings
( 1954) Sherf, Arden ; Sylwester, E. ; Dyas, E. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Oats are a unique crop. Many farmers think of oats as a poor-step child or necessary evil in getting good clover stands. Though oats may not be a high acre-value crop, they're of great importance in the rotation arrangements followed by most Iowa farmers.

A Look At Iowa Pastsures
( 1954) Scholl, J. ; Hughes, H. ; Krenzin, R. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Most Iowa pastures are giving poor returns; they've been neglected and abused. Emphasis has been on improved and efficient methods of growing corn, soybeans and other plowland crops that can be sold for cash, or fed when livestock prices are favorable.

Farm and Home Outlook for 1954
( 1954) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Most Iowa farm families will find 1954 an "in between year" on the income side- a year of neither feast nor famine. It will be good compared with the late 30's; not so good in relation to the late 40's.