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The Iowa Homemaker vol.30, no.7 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 30, Issue 7

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Stop That Cold
( 2017-08-09) Pumphrey, Pat ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Common colds are most often a case of self-neglect. During days of sniffling and coughing, it's unpleasant to realize that they are due to your own carelessness in care of your body. So, what can you do about it?

"How to Lay a Nest Egg"
( 2017-08-09) Sutherland, Janet ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The idea that women are supposed to know nothing about finances seems to be well established in some circles of society. But the Homemaker editors disagree. We feel you as a college graduate would profit by knowing some basic facts about the financial world.

Part Synthetic Rugs Are Up in Quality, Down in Price
( 2017-08-09) McCready, Carol ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Amazing new combinations of beauty and worth have been reached with the 1951 collection of rugs and carpets. Not only easy to live with, easy to look at, and easy to care for, the new rugs are also easy on the pocketbook. Striking combinations of colors, patterns and materials lend their decorative effect.

Use Your Sense When Choosing Scents
( 2017-08-09) LaRue, Harriet ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Do you want to be bewitchingly alluring, fascinate men and please women? Ever since the first female adorned herself with sweet-scented flowers or rubbed petals against her skin to extract their juices, it has been claimed that perfume will do all these things for you.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.30, no.7
( 2017-08-09) Voss, Nancy ; McCready, Carol ; Pumphrey, Pat ; LaRue, Harriet ; Steele, Jane ; Allen, Barbara ; Sutherland, Janet ; Legg, Carol ; Roos, Joyce ; Schaeffer, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

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Stop That Cold, Pat Pumphrey, page 5

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What’s New, Jane Ann Steele, page 7

Family Relationships, Barbara Allen, page 8

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Here’s An Idea, Carol Dee Legg, page 12

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