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Cheese for the Holidays
( 2017-04-10) Marnette, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The average American housewife knows little of the many varieties of cheeses, and perhaps even less of the many attractive ways of serving them. She may think of cheese simply as the "store cheese", or Cheddar, or perhaps of cottage cheese. Her method of serving cheese may include the popular macaroni and cheese, or cottage cheese with cream, but it is safe to say that for most housewives cheese is nothing more than an accompaniment of pie, or a sandwich filling.

Do You Know Your Gas Stove?
( 2017-04-10) Harribine, Grace ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Gas stoves are often selected and used with little thought and care and yet on the stove in many homes depends the good disposition and unimpaired digestion of all its members, consequently it is quite necessary for the well-being of the family that the person using the stove knows how to buy and use one properly. No wonder it is called the heart of the home!

Christmas in Russia
( 2017-04-10) Guthrie, Elsie ; Pugh, Gayle ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Peace on earth, good will to men," are the words known throughout the world, and are yet never too told to become trite. At no other season of the year is there this true feeling of friendship and world nationalism. The old heart softens and old eyes become moist; the young heart quickens, and small feet dance in happiness. ln all nations is the looking for ward to St. Nicholas and the joyous festival season. Each home has its own little gathering by the hearth, and perhaps one of the most lively and pleasing are those celebrations in a Siberian, or rather Vladivostok home.

Who's There and Where
( 2017-04-10) Fitzsimmons, Cleo ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Fanie Gannon, who graduated in 1919 from the Home Economics Division of Iowa State College, is now head of the Home Management Department of the Extension Service of the college.

Omicron Nu Activities
( 2017-04-10) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Gamma Chapter of Omicron Nu is at present making plans to hold an essay contest for freshman girls again this year. This contest will be carried on during the winter with the cooperation of the English Department. The subjects for the essays have not yet been chosen but will be announced later. Last year the prize of $10 for the winner of this contest went to Miss Cora Jeanette Rye of Hanlonton, Iowa, on her essay on the work of Ellen H. Richards in Home Economics.