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The 1955 Iowa corn yield test Bulletin P: Volume 6, Issue 120

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The 1955 Iowa corn yield test
( 1956-02-01) Hutchcroft, Charles ; Robinson, Joe ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

This bulletin reports the results of the thirty-sixth annual Iowa Corn Yield Test. Similar tests have been conducted by the Iowa Crop Improvement Association in cooperation with the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station since 1920. The purpose of these tests is to provide information' to help Iowa farmers select the hybrids best adapted for their areas.

More than 100 companies sell closed-pedigree hybrid seed com in Iowa. Other individuals and companies produce and sell only open-pedigree hybrids. With so many hybrids available, it isn’t easy to choose the ones best adapted to a particular farm or location. The function of the Iowa Com Yield Test is to help make this task easier.