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The Iowa Homemaker vol.15, no.8 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 15, Issue 8

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Dress for Comfort And You'll Have Style
( 2017-05-16) Swanton, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"This is the coldest day I've ever spent," Cora Jane mumbled from the hidden depths of her coat collar.

Watch Your Knives and Forks
( 2017-05-16) Cooper, Catherine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In order to be socially correct carry the etiquette weapons of good taste and common sense rather than Emily Post's new "Blue Book of Social Usage" around with you. Of course, don't forget to refer to this and other good etiquette books occasionally.

Home Economics Evolution from Tents
( 2017-05-16) Johnson, Rosemae ; Schenk, Peggy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Home economics is not yet four decades old, but home training had its birthday when houses were tents, and it passed from teacher to pupil in the most exclusive of schools. The students were as many as the daughters in a family; the counselor, instructor and dean of girls were all one-the mother.

Sugar, Spice, and All Things Nice- That's What Tasty Dishes Are Made Of
( 2017-05-16) Hoffman, Kay ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A dash of paprika, a few cloves, a sprinkling of cinnamon, all from brightly labelled, smartly packaged cans--that's all we see or know of spices.

Tick! Tock! Clocks Mark Time Through the Centuries
( 2017-05-16) Brinkman, Stella ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Slaves to clocks - that is how one modern author describes the American people. And unknowingly he has drawn a picture of student life. How many times a day do you hastily glance at a clock, then rush madly on to make up for lost seconds?