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The Iowa Homemaker vol.9, no.4 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 9, Issue 4

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What We Eat
( 2017-05-08) Lowenberg, Thelma ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Everyone is eating vegetables! Doctors, dentists and dietitians are advising, warning, even ordering us to eat them. So today vegetables are being "done."'

Enjoy Thanksgiving Day
( 2017-05-08) Goethe, Nellie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Thanksgiving feast is a tradition and any attempt to make it different usually leads to disappointment. One lady told of a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner that she and her party enjoyed at a fashionable hotel. It was a well-balanced meal, served in the most correct manner, and yet it did not spell Thanksgiving. On the way home one of the small boys in the party remarked, ''I like homemade turkey best.'' After all, isn't that the way a great many of us feel? We don't wish to depart too far from the old traditional feasts.

Ames Wins Special Prize
( 2017-05-08) Parkhurst, Dorothy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Although over one-third of the Ames population visited the house of the Better Homes Campaign last spring, probably no one realized that it was to be a prize winner.

Lita Bane
( 2017-05-08) Hull, Thirza ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Note: The following editorial by Thirza Hull was taken from the July-Aug. 1926 lowa Homemaker.

Girls' 4-H Club
( 2017-05-08) Sietman, Esther ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Two groups of girls will represent Iowa 4-H'ers at the National Club Congress at Chicago in December.