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New Year
( 2017-05-15) Chadwick, Claire ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

''Get up, gude wife, and binno sweir,

Deal cakes and cheese while ye are here;

For the time will come when ye'll be dead

And neither need your cheese or bread.''

What is that? That's a part of Hogomanay. And what is Hogomanay? Simply New Year's Eve in Scotland, back in the beginning of the nineteenth century. The queer-sounding rhyme is one that the children used when they went begging from door to door for a dole of oat-bread and cheese, which they called ''nog-money. ''

How to Save Your Date a Dollar...
( 2017-05-15) Christensen, Laura ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach or his pocketbook, it is often said. It's easy enough to follow the pocketbook way, but some culinary ability is needed for the way through the stomach.

Even Ink Comes Out
( 2017-05-15) Bartow, Delilah ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Remember what a time you used to have when Mary had to use unwashable ink for penmanship at school? She always spilled a few drops on her new red skirt or her white blouse, and you, her mother, were expected to remove the stain. What a blessing is washable ink! Plenty of thick soapsuds removes most ink stains in a hurry, if you treat the stains when fresh. So don't give the ink time to "set" in the material, and you'll have no trouble with it.

Don't Be a Policeman
( 2017-05-15) Apple, Barbara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The sleep of young children presents many perplexing problems, according to Evelyn Erwin, home economics senior, who last year observed the sleeping habits of children in the Nursery School. She found that a child's home environment plays an important part in his sleep habits.

Your Salesmanship...
( 2017-05-15) King, Marian ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Have you ever heard remarks similar to these about a certain girl of your acquaintance?''She certainly wears her clothes well,'' or ''She always appears to have just stepped out of a fashion magazine,'' or "Isn't she simply stunning?"