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The destination of Iowa’s commercial corn Bulletin: Volume 28, Issue 318

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The destination of Iowa’s commercial corn
( 2017-08-17) Bentley, Ronald ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Iowa's commercial corn represents only 15 percent of the total crop, yet that 15 percent returns from 9 to 12 percent of Iowa’s farm income.

Three-fourths of the 63 million bushels of commercial corn originate in 35 of the 99 counties.

Over 50 percent of the commercial corn leaves the state on first billing, of which 42 percent goes direct to terminal markets.

Of the reshipments from Iowa’s primary markets 85 percent goes outside the state—23 percent reaches terminal markets.

Grain handling agencies located at Iowa’s primary markets place a larger percentage of total shipments into the hands of the ultimate consumer than does the country shipper. This is true because the agencies at the primary markets have far-reaching contacts with both the surplus and deficit areas and they are able to merchandise grain enroute to the ultimate consumer.