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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 32, Issue 2

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Marriage and College- Yes
( 2017-08-10) Sheehe, Gloria ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Marriage on the campus is painting a new and exciting picture of college life. The carefree attitude of the racoon clad jolly boys has taken a back seat. Today's college men and women have their eyes upon the future and are building it together.

She Doesn't Like Surprises... and Neither Does He
( 2017-08-10) Anderson, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Because wedding days are the result of the planning of two different personalities, many times things happen which aren't exactly what one of the parties may have had in mind. It is at this time that the bride may decide that she doesn't like surprises- at least not those that have to do with the wedding and newly married life.

It's All In the Family
( 2017-08-10) Gates, Floramae ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

If there's any one thing that knits a family together- makes it different and special from any other family- that one thing is family traditions.

Bouquet for You
( 2017-08-10) Meldrum, Maryann ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

With spring and summer weddings in the picture, what could be more welcome than some valuable tips on flower ideas, how to choose them, and some of the helpful things your florist will do to help you with your wedding.

( 2017-08-10) Ryals, Joanne ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

April showers bring May flowers! If you think the word showers is just a word the weatherman uses, you've forgotten this is the season for brides.