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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 15, Issue 11

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How Iowa Farmers Respond to Hog Cycles
( 1961-05-01) Beneke, Raymond ; Kaldor, Donald ; Herendeen, James ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

This look at the yearly farrowing patterns among areas of Iowa and on 105 eastern Iowa farms may help in dealing with hog cycles. It also suggests some strategy you may want to consider in planning your yearly farrowings.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 15, No. 11
( 1961-05-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
How Well Do Your Pigs Measure Up?
( 1961-05-01) Hays, Virgil ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The average performance of your herd is what determines the efficiency of your swine program. Here are some guides developed at Iowa State that can help you follow and possibly improve the progress of your herd.

Add Life to Your Lawnmower!
( 1961-05-01) Bear, W. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

With a few inexpensive tools and by referring to the instruction manual, you can give your lawnmower the regular and systematic care and service it needs for safe, trouble-free service during the coming summer months.

Tractors + Traffic = Trouble
( 1961-05-01) Wardle, Norval ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

You 're in danger each time you drive your tractor on the highway. Studies at Iowa State are helping to pinpoint some of the problems, their causes and possible solutions. Meanwhile, here are some tips for protecting yourself.