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Sketch: Volume 14, Issue 3

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The Radio Workshop
( 1948) Stewart, Nancy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

THIS is WOI— The radio voice of Iowa State College—640 on your dial. . ." I looked up from my chem book. WOI! That's right! I had heard there was a radio station here on campus. But how did one go about getting in on some of the exciting phases of radio work?..

A Spinster's Song
( 1948) Chase, Elinor ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

I pass by Love And she cares not for me. What matter if the moon dips low...

Books You Might Like
( 1948) Tick, Leo ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

(BOOKS & COKES, sponsored by SKETCH, presents regular weekly studentplanned, student-presented book reviews in the Oak Room, Memorial Union, throughout fall and spring quarters. Supplementing that program, here is an ambitious study of the great Naturalist philosopher, regarded as 'the father of the French Revolution, romanticism, democracy, anarchism, republicanism, communism, and fascism'; and, after 150 years, profoundly influential today.)...

in this the place to be
( 1948) Overholt, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

time marches by in small staccato steps lifts its feet just off the floor forces through with the heel points with the toes i follow in clumsy imitation...

( 1948) Anonymous, Anonymous ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

THAT'S the word they used when I officially became a member— brotherhood. And I suppose that's right. When we live together, study together and sleep together, that makes us all brothers under the skin...