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A systematic study of squashes and pumpkins Bulletin: Volume 21, Issue 244

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A systematic study of squashes and pumpkins
( 2017-08-11) Castetter, E. ; Erwin, A. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

In no other important group of vegetables is there more widespread confusion regarding nomenclature and classification than in pumpkins and squashes. Even the generic terms are misused and a number of varieties of pumpkins are called squashes, and conversely. Renaming of varieties has also run riot. The Table Queen, for example, a comparatively recent introduction, is listed under at least six different names. The renaming of varieties is in the long run a detriment to all concerned. The grower soon learns the facts in the case and his reaction toward a dealer who sells seed of standard varieties under new names is anything but favorable. The seedsman of today must succeed on the basis of quality by disseminating superior strains of standard varieties rather than by presenting known varieties under new names. The introduction of novelties is not to be discouraged, but the renaming of an existing variety and calling it a novelty does not make it such.