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( 1953) McGhie, Jean ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

APPLE-BLOSSOM shampoo, whipped to creamy-fluffiness, trickled behind Mary Lou's ears, over her face, down her smooth, young body. She bent her head back, letting the water drum on her forehead . . . sweeping her long, black hair into the water-fall that rushed down her back...

The Guinea Pig
( 1953) Bennett, Paul ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

WHEN THE managing editor of the Herald stepped into Casey's Bar and Grill for his afternoon pick-me-up, the first thing he observed was one of his reporters, Pete Kemble, staring gloomily at the olive in a Martini...

The Aristocrat
( 1953) Iowa State University Digital Repository

DURING the past four years, as a midshipman in the N.R.O.T.C., I have taken courses in naval history, etiquette and leadership, and I have gone on three six-week cruises where my experiences have varied from cleaning the bilges of an LST to conning a heavy cruiser...

The Concerto Recorded
( 1953) Bay, Richard ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

You sit and talk While heart and soul delivers forth...

Two by Two
( 1953) Mattison, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

I SAT IN THE SECOND CHAIR of Howard's Barber Shop in Dogtown yesterday. I watched the girls walk by. Always two by two. Always in wool tubes and sweaters. Always with short hair, white anklets and loafers. I waited for a girl with braids or green socks, but there weren't any...