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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 41, Issue 8

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Looking Abroad
( 2017-08-28) Brown, Barbara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

An International Service Program has become a part of the home economics curriculum here at Iowa State.

( 2017-08-28) Abbott Remy, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

I graduated in 1957, so "home ec" as I knew it probably isn't too different from what you have today. Yet, I do know of several changes that seem strange to my "old-grad" ears.

And After May 26th?
( 2017-08-28) Iowa State University Digital Repository

James Hilton, President of Iowa State University, comments with enthusiasm about ISU graduates. He can name dozens who have become really important contributors to the advancement which the 1960's show.

40 Years From Now
( 2017-08-28) Collison, Anne ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

To be the woman I wish to be in forty years, I must remember today the happy ways of doing ...

"I Was the Editor of the First Homemaker"
( 2017-08-28) Storm Ferguson, Elizabeth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Editor's Note: Elizabeth Storm Ferguson is the woman greatly responsible for the first issue of the Iowa Homemaker. She and her staff created Volume 1, Number 1 of the magazine in 1921. That same year she was graduated from Iowa State, receiving her degree in Home Economics and Agriculture. Her courses had included many electives in English and journalism. From 1921-1923, Elizabeth Storm worked with the Extension Service of Iowa State. In 1923, she married Fred E. Ferguson (ISC '22), publications editor for the Division of Agriculture and the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station. An Ames resident since that time, Mrs. Ferguson is interested in "homemaking, people, cooking, gardening, and housework, in that order." A little free-lance writing through the years has kept her in practice; and now she is managing editor for publications of the National Association for Nursery Education, women's editor for the Iowa Rural Electric News and Tractor Farming, and publicity chairman for the Iowa Home Economics Association.