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Mrs. Chang Serves a Chinese Dinner To Iowa State Friends
( 2017-05-22) Belken, Helen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Is there anyone who hasn't tried to use chop sticks? Even the resistance of the most indifferent, blase person has been broken by the fascination held by chop sticks. Their uniqueness, and the fact that we rarely see them used makes us doubly interested in them. Most of us Americans have considered the skillful management of chop sticks an art and have had very little chance to have that opinion changed. It was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. K. Chang, where I was fortunate enough to be a dinner guest, that I had a chance to "try my hand" at that art. "This is the most hopeless thing I've ever tried," went through my mind, at my initial experience. At the same time I was wondering how the Chinese could be satisfied with seemingly such unsatisfactory implements. Then, after a few lessons from an exceptionally patient member of that race, I began to realize that the chop sticks were, yes, almost easy to manipulate!

Many Foods Make Their Debut In The Canning Trade
( 2017-05-22) Reis, Jean ; Pell, Clare ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

How many times has your entire family arrived home a few minutes before mealtime to find that no preparations for the coming meal have been made? What should you do for food when the crowd drops in on Sunday evening and the refrigerator is barren? How should you stretch a meal originally planned for four to satisfy eight at the last minute?

Cooperation Transforms Work Into Play for the Coeds in Our Cooperative Halls
( 2017-05-22) Clark, Helen ; Heffner, Charlotte ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Unlike Carrie Chapman Catt who washed dishes for nine cents an hour while attending Iowa State College, the modern Iowa State coed who needs to earn part of her way through school lives in one of the efficient, well-organized cooperative dormitories on the campus.

Shopping for Hose
( 2017-05-22) Ralston, Rosalie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Another pair of hose gone! Betty Coed sighs deeply and wonders if she can possibly buy another pair out of this month's allowance. Perhaps a few pointers would help Betty to buy more efficiently, and thereby cut her hosiery bill.

Extend the Holiday Hilarity Try a Hotel Party
( 2017-05-22) Larson, Marie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Yes, the blustering, blaring blasts of January have descended upon us in full fury to dispel the last vestige of our holiday spirit. What's to do about it? That's quite a problem, isn't it? We must provide fun for everyone with the least expenditure of time, money, and muscle.