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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 34, Issue 2

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Equipment Helpmates
( 2017-08-11) Shehan, Carolyn ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

You're a new bride and behind the rain of rice and flourish of flowers, a home is waiting. It looks empty because a multitude of things are needed. Where will you start, and what do you actually have to own?

Your Wedding Gown
( 2017-08-11) Olson, Gwen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The loveliest dress of your life and of your dreams is your wedding dress. As a bride you will want to be your most feminine and beautiful self, and this year the fitted bodice and full-mist skirt will easily make your dream dress come true.

Cook with a Book
( 2017-08-11) Metcalf, Rebecca ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

With a collection of almost 100 cookbooks, Dr. P. Mable Nelson, past Dean of Home Economics, has a hard time answering the question so often asked of her- ''What is your favorite recipe?"

The Iowa Homemaker vol.34, no.2
( 2017-08-11) Metcalf, Rebecca ; Mound, Marilyn ; Brintlinger, Jane ; Olson, Gwen ; Krebill, Carol ; Brintlinger, Jane ; Baur, Karla ; Redman, Jean ; Shehan, Carolyn ; Hammerly, Jane ; Jirsa, Doris ; Will, Dorothy ; Endres, Charlotte ; Mumford, Donna ; Vandecar, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Cook with a book, Rebecca Metcalf, page 6

What’s new, Marilyn Mound, page 8

There’ll be two together, Jane Brintlinger, page 11

Your most beautiful dress, Gwen Olson, page 12

College showers are FUN, Carol Krebill, page 13

She married the student body president!, Jane Brintlinger, page 14

Silver that’s right, Karla Baur, page 15

Linens that last, Jean Redman, page 16

Equipment helpmates, Carolyn Shehan, page 17

Will you insure your future?, Jane Hammerly, page 18

Announcing your wedding, Doris Jirsa, page 20

The bride was carefree, Dorothy Will, page 21

Be sure to keep your family happy, Charlotte Endres, page 22

Marry where you meet, Donna Mumford, page 24

Trends, Mary Vandecar, page 26

The Bride was Carefree
( 2017-08-11) Will, Dorothy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

If you're to be a bride soon, here's a schedule to serve as a guide as you make your wedding plans. At least Io weeks before) you should decide upon the date, time, place and type of wedding (formal or informal). Confirm plans with your clergyman and reserve the church. Engage club, hotel or caterer for the reception. Try to fit your plans to a budget.