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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 41, Issue 1

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Congratulatory Note on the Occasion of the Centennial Celebration of the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine
( 1979) Parks, W. Robert ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A note from President W. Robert Parks congratulating the College of Veterinary Medicine on its centennial anniversary.

Certificate Feeder Pig Program
( 1979) McKean, J. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Iowa Certificate feeder pig program is a cooperative venture established in 1978 by the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association and the Iowa Pork Producers Association. The purposes are to 1) establish a set of health guidelines for feeder pigs; 2) identify feeder pig producers meeting or exceeding the guidelines; 3) encourage increased veterinary participation in the development and maintenance of herd health programs; and 4) supply feeder pig finishers with healthy quality pigs and information about he herd of origin, vaccination history, and products used prior to sale.

Iowa State University Veterinary Medical Library
( 1979) Peterson, Sally ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The collection of books and journals in the new Veterinary Medical Library is growing rapidly and use of materials has increased significantly since the move to the new College of Veterinary Medicine complex in the fall of 1976. The Library is proving both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and patron use has risen over 50%. The area encompassed is large enough to provide an exemplary collection, yet compact enough to allow one person to comfortably manage it, when necessary.

What's Your Radiographic Diagnosis?
( 1979) Mitten, Russell ; Novotny, Mark ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A 9-month-old male German Shepherd dog was examined for decreased exercise tolerance, enlargement of the abdomen, and groaning when forced to move. The signs developed over a 3 week period. Ausculation of the thorax revealed muffled heart sounds. The EKG recordings had markedly decreased amplitude, with intermittent premature ventricular contractions.

Student-Faculty News
( 1979) Iowa State University Digital Repository

This article contains news pertaining to the students and faculty of the College of Veterinary Medicine.