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December 2011 Ethos: Volume 2012, Issue 1

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Raccoons: A Dive into the Misrepresented Representation
( 2015-05-04) Lopez, Andrew ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The power of 15 raced toward the silhouette of a large weiner into the sunset. An anxious loom of defeat filled the air as the pack stopped at a red light on the corner of Lincoln Way and Beach Avenue. “We are law abiding,” explains Cody, one of the elder Raccoons who sat down with me to debunk the misinterpreted image Iowa State University students have attributed to his pack. Cody, much like the other Raccoons who live around campus must deal with the hardships of constant slurs, violence and extreme oppression.

Drinking Games
( 2015-05-04) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Drinking games including "Presidential Debate" and "Booze n' Cruise"; also includes "7 Songs to Make You Heat Wilde".

Such a Tease
( 2015-05-04) O'Brien, Devon ; Bowen, Rebecca ; Nichols, Kyleigh ; Elmer, Paige ; Steuben, Hannah ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Burlesque has been seen in the movies and recently has been brought to life in the Des Moines art scene with Phoenix L’Amour’s show “Burlesque Baby.” The show hasn’t been in the attention of the public eye until the show on Sept. 30, when two performers received a citation for breast overexposure causing controversy to the Des Moines show.

The Show Goes On
( 2015-05-04) Wettengel, Matt ; Maller, Danny ; Letsche, Karl ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Lupe Fiasco may have seemed like just another concert at Iowa State. More expensive ticket prices are what students have come to expect for bigger name acts. It’s rare to find tickets to a national headliner for under $30, putting Fiasco’s $21 or $26 ticket fee just below the expected. What most fail to realize is that Fiasco was the first Student Union Board-sponsored entertainment act ever to play at the Hilton Coliseum.

Illegal Downloading
( 2015-05-04) McCollough, Katelynn ; Saenvong, Chirasath ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

One student received an e-mail about five years ago that will impact the rest of her life. Jen Hakey, sophomore in Journalism and Mass Communication, was informed of a lawsuit via email that was filed against her in the spring of 2007. Jen was a freshmen living on campus downloading music illegally using websites like BearShare and Limewire. Hakey said she had received numerous e-mails from the university warning of her alleged copyright infringement.