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Spring 2017 Ethos: Volume 2017, Issue 3

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Protecting their land
( 2017-12-04) Darland, Jessica ; Collins, Alixandria ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Environmentalists, the Sioux tribe, and rural farmers. Three groups that may not always have a lot in common have been coming together to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline, also known as the Bakken Pipeline.

A car community: An Ames group bonding through motor meetups
( 2017-12-04) O'Neill, Aaron ; Geary, Mackenzie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

To some people, driving is a chore. Cars are used to get from point A to point B, moving you and your friends to your destination in one piece. But to a group in Ames, driving is a lifestyle. Iowa State Stance is a place for the people that keep local car culture alive. Alex Bartholomew, founder of Iowa State Stance, first had the idea for a car club in 2015. He noticed a lot of people enjoyed modifying and tuning their vehicles, but no one was connected. That’s when he decided to create the group’s Facebook page.

Ethos (Spring 2017)
( 2017-12-04) Iowa State University Digital Repository
The (other) butterfly effect
( 2017-12-04) Iverson, Lauren ; Olson, Hannah ; Geary, Mackenzie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Aside from the occasional butterflies that soar around campus, the only insects most students come in contact with are ants crawling on buildings and cockroaches in the dormitories. Though these miniscule creatures have most of us running in the other direction, insects are actually vital to our survival on Earth.

Minding their business
( 2017-12-04) Jones, Bradley ; Olson, Hannah ; Geary, Mackenzie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

College is full of questions that determine our fate for years to come. The biggest questions of them all may be, "How am I going to make money after college?" While some are still searching for an answer, a number of Iowa State students have gotten a head start on the process.