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The Iowa Homemaker vol.8, no.5 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 8, Issue 5

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Accounts That Have Worked
( 2017-04-21) Cessna Morgan, Ethyl ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Yes, I want to keep accounts another year. When we got the summaries back from the past year's accounts we found that farming was bringing us a pretty good salary after all. We had no idea how much we were getting from our farm that you folks in town have to buy."

Golden Rule Table Etiquette
( 2017-04-21) Thomas, Frances ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The word etiquette originated from the French. In the reign of Louis XIV, after the erection of the famous palace of Versailles, an old Scotch gardener was given the task of laying out the grounds of the palace.

Autumn Fabrics and Fashions
( 2017-04-21) Morrison, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"There is no doubt that wool will hold its own for all purposes in regard to the clothing of women," says a late issue of the Women's Wear Daily.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.8, no.5
( 2017-04-21) Cessna Morgan, Ethyl ; Pfantz, Elizabeth ; Thomas, Frances ; Morrison, Ruth ; Arnquist, Josephine ; Turner, Marcia ; Caulum, Vera ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Accounts That Have Worked by Ethyl Cessna Morgan, page 1

We All Go to School by Elizabeth Pfantz, page 2

Golden Rule Table Etiquette by Frances Thomas, page 3

Autumn Fabrics and Fashions by Ruth Morrison, page 4

At Home With the Dye Pot, page 5

Girls’ 4-H Clubs by Josephine Arnquist, page 6

State Association Page by Marcia E. Turner, page 8

Editorial, page 11

Who’s There and Where by Vera Caulum, page 12

Girls' 4-H Club
( 2017-04-21) Arnquist, Josephine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Much hilarity sounded from Room 15, Morrill Hall, on Monday afternoon, October 8, when over a hundred college 4-H girls gathered for their fall get-together.