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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 9, Issue 1

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Chronic Gonitis
( 1946) Howard, R. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A 2-year-old Belgian colt entered Stange Memorial Clinic for examination. The owner explained the colt had been running on pasture and was found lame. How long it had been lame was not known.

Deformity of Hoof Following Injury of the Coronary Band.
( 1946) Howard, R. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

An aged Belgian horse was admitted to Stange Memorial Clinic. The owner explained that the horse's hoof had been cut by a wire several months before. Examination revealed that the cut had penetrated the coronary band. At the time the animal was admitted the hoof was growing in 2 separate parts divided at the point of injury and exuberant granulations were forming in the cleft between the 2 parts of the hoof.

Socialized Veterinary Medicine
( 1946) Maddy, K. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In southern Nevada there are 2 small irrigated valleys which were populated by Mormon farmers in the 1870's. With the building of Boulder Dam, Boulder City and the growth of Las Vegas the consequent increased need for dairy products resulted in the farmers of these 2 valleys to enter into the dairy business to a considerable extent in the last decade. With the introduction of dairying came the ensuing veterinary problems. In the 2 valleys, which are 40 miles apart, there was a total of 1,200 dairy cows. There were a few horses, a number of range cattle, 10 or 15 pigs, about 100 chickens and a few dogs. The prospects of inducing a veterinarian to live and practice this area were nil.

Chronic Prolapse of the Vagina
( 1946) Howard, Richard ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On June 28, 1946, a 3-year-old Hereford cow was admitted to Stange Memorial Clinic with the history of a tumor protruding from the vagina.

The Iowa Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
( 1946) Iowa State University Digital Repository

For the past 18 years, laboratory diagnostic service to the livestock industry of Iowa has been provided by the Division of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State College, through its Department of Veterinary Pathology. The laboratory has been housed in the Veterinary Pathology Building which also houses the Department of Veterinary Hygiene. The crowded conditions have interfered with the most effective operation of the laboratory and there seemed to be no possibility of expanding the present facilities. A careful study of building facilities within the Veterinary Division indicated that the only way to meet the increased statewide demand for laboratory service for animal disease control is through provision of a new modern building.