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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 54, Issue 2

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A Club Dedicated to Canines
( 1992) Castro, Boyd ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

As freshmen, the class of 1994 was introduced to the world of veterinary medicine and a multitude of clubs and organizations. Although many animal species were represented by one club or another, one was noticeably absent, the canine. The dog is a multi-talented, multi-purpose animal, a loyal friend and in many a household, a family member. The duties and occupations of dogs are too numerous to list, but they may include; guard dog, guide dog, sole companion, and hunting partner.

Scholarships and Awards: Spring 1992
( 1992) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Awards and scholarships given in the spring semester of 1992 by the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Editorial Notes
( 1992) Guarneri, Merill ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

It has come to the attention of our staff that Dr. John Greve has been the faculty advisor for the ISU Veterinarian for twenty-five years. We, therefore, thought it would be appropriate to dedicate the editorial pages to this fine man.

Modified Medicated Early Weaning
( 1992) Swalla, Rick ; Uhlenhopp, Eldon ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In the past, when a swine unit wanted to eradicate a certain disease such as Pseudorabies, costly depopulation/repopulation was the only viable solution. Depopulation, facility cleanup, and repopulation is not always successful because nearby herds with a lower health status my provide a source for reinfection. In 1980, Tom Alexander of Cambridge University developed a system for producing pigs 'free of certain diseases without costly depopulation.

Personal Lifestyles
( 1992) Lutz, Sarah ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Running a marathon could be likened to surviving a semester at vet school... 13 miles of downhill fun, 9 miles of sweat, and 4 miles of hell. Sophomore year of vet school was the time I decided to run the marathon that I had always assumed I would run someday. It didn't seem that my future was going to become any more accommodating to the required training schedule. My intentions were to run just one marathon so that I would know that I could do it.