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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 38, Issue 4

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The Student Teacher on the Job
( 2017-08-15) Stiedel, Elisa ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Barbara Rank, a senior in Home Economics Education is doing her student teaching this quarter in Ogden, one of several teaching centers for the education majors in Home Economics. Members of the Homemaker stall visited Barb in Ogden, and found her keeping up a busy schedule of classroom, school, social and community activities. Now known to her students and co-workers as Miss Rank, Barb is gaining practical experience in teaching.

1959 Room Contest
( 2017-08-15) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Now's the time for you and your roommate to get together on some of those things you have been talking about doing to your room. Make some pillows, dye those old curtains Mom has at home, fix up the bulletin board because the Homemaker is announcing the 1959 Room Contest and everyone can enter.

Capture Your College Years Candidly
( 2017-08-15) Furman, Jan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Is that faithful brownie of yours collecting dust along with other high school memoirs on a deserted closet shelf? Good pictures CAN be taken with a box camera, and the memories you record can mean much to you after you leave college.

Hi! I'm Harriet Homemaker
( 2017-08-15) Devens, Gail ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

I'm the star Home Economics recruiter for Iowa State- if you haven't met me I'm Harriet Homemaker. You'll find me scouting all over Iowa for girls who are interested in Home Economics. (That's my picture on the cover.)

The Iowa Homemaker vol.39, no.4
( 2017-08-15) Devens, Gail ; Stiedel, Elisa ; Furman, Janice ; Schnur, Sandra ; Utero, Agusto ; Keeney, Martha ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Hi! I’m Harriet Homemaker, Gail Devens, page 5

The Student Teacher on the Job, Elisa Stiedel, page 6

1959 Room Contest, page 8

Capture Your College Years Candidly, Janice Furman, page 10

Take a Look Behind Your SALARY, Sandra Schnur, page 11

My First Thanksgiving in America, Agusto Utero, page 12

What’s Going On, page 13

Thanksgiving Thoughts, Martha Keeney, page 14