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The Iowa Homemaker vol.7, no.3 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 7, Issue 3

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Why You Buy What You Buy
( 2017-04-18) Hunter, Christina ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Miss Hunter is a graduate of the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada and has only recently left the advertisnig department o.f one of Canada's largest department stores. She has been in Ames this summer enrolled in the Homemaker's course.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.7, no.3
( 2017-04-18) Davidson, Margaret ; Nisewanger, Melba ; Zorbaugh, Grace ; Thomas, Frances ; Friant, Regina ; Fitzsimmons, Cleo ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Table of Contents

American Home Economics Association Convention, page 1

Common Sense in Buying Equipment by Margaret Davidson, page 2

Is Training in Homemaking Essential for a Good Homemaker?, page 3

Home Economics Research at Iowa State, page 4

“Cracker Rat” – “Milk Rat” by Melba Nisewanger, page 5

The Role of Home and Parents by Dr. Grace S. M. Zorbaugh, page 5

Busy Mother, Read This! by Frances Thomas, page 5

4-H Page, page 6

4-H Page, page 7

Looking Forward by Regina J. Friant, page 8

Iowa State Home Economics Association Page, page 9

Preparation for Nutrition Research by Melba Nisewanger, page 10

Who’s There and Where by Cleo Fitzsimmons, page 12

"Cracker Rat''----"Milk Rat"
( 2017-04-18) Nisewanger, Melba ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

That the observation of growth experiments on rats could sufficiently interest pre-school children in the need for growth stimulating foods~such as lettuce and milk-with the result of a positive response in their own eating habits, is a new accomplishment in nutrition research. The experiment carried on by Ellen Kleppe for her masters thesis, however, indicates that such projects may prove of considerable value in helping the little folks to acquire correct food habits.

Home Economics Research at Iowa State
( 2017-04-18) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Do you realize the amount of research in Home Economics that is being done right here at Iowa State College? At least 32 major problems have been completed by the graduate students in Home Economics this year. In Foods and Nutrition, nine have been completed; in Applied Art, four; in Textiles and Clothing, ten; in Home Administration, three; in Institutional Management, two, and in Vocational Education, six. In addition to these problems done by graduate students, members of the faculty have done some studies, and at least 15 minor problems have been studied by undergraduate students. The reports of re·search on this page are some of the recently completed problems.

The Role of Home and Parents
( 2017-04-18) Zorbaugh, Grace ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This response comes to the controversial article of the June issue, "Should Women Combine Homemaking and Professions?" and is a part of an address given by Miss Zorbaugh at the Iowa State Conference on the Home and Child held at Iowa City, June 24, 1927.