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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 21, Issue 4

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For Better Fishing - Control Fish Populations in Farm Ponds
( 1966-10-01) Moorman, Robert ; Kowalski, Robert ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

A farm pond over-run with small bluegills offers none of the pleasant fishing for which the pond was stocked. Management of the bass-bluegill balance provides excellent entertainment and some tasty fish dinners.

Farm Outlook
( 1966-10-01) Futrell, Gene ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The rise in U.S. economic activity slowed somewhat during the spring and summer after a strong advance during the first quarter of the year. Gross National Product (the value of the nation's out of goods and services) is expected to total at least $735 billion for the year. This would be 8 percent above the 1965 output, valued in current dollars. With a more rapid rise in price level this year, the gain in real GNP will likely be around 5 percent.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 21, No. 4
( 1966-10-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
A Situation Report: Urea for Dairy Cows
( 1966-10-01) Van Horn, H. ; Foreman, C. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Urea use as a substitute for plant protein supplements is increasing on Iowa dairy farms. With judicious use of urea, most dairymen can save $5 to $25 in yearly feed costs for each cow in their herd.

Especially for Homemakers
( 1966-10-01) Hurley, Candace ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Today's busy families need "livable" homes to find serenity, relaxation, and a chance to pursue individual interests. Emelda Kunua says livable homes must be molded to fit your family's personal needs.