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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 41, Issue 6

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Alumnae in the News
( 2017-08-28) Sharbo, Diane ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Fascinating people, ideas, and words have come from the Home Economics Journalism Department It is evident that journalism is unlimited in its scope. Current, stimulating developments in the home economics field continually offer a variety of topics for the journalist.

Your Culture- the Only One?
( 2017-08-28) Bask, Anita ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

It is unusual for a citizen of any country, living in the year 1962, never to have heard a foreign language or to have seen a member of a race different from his own.

Dear Sir, Will You Hire Me?
( 2017-08-28) Pierson, Barbara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Letters, we get letters ... " may soon become the theme song of employers across the country as they are deluged by thousands of letters from hopeful job applicants. If you are attempting to obtain your first working experience as a college graduate or if you want to find a summer job, your success in acquiring a position may depend upon the impression that you create in your first application letter.

Communication in Business
( 2017-08-28) Davis, Rachel ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Three days in Minneapolis, Minn., created new dimensions for junior and senior experimental foods majors. For most of the girls, this was a first close look at business home economists on the job.

Your Dollar Goes a Long Way
( 2017-08-28) Dodds, Jan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

I feel abused. I'm neglected. Home economics students give me away every fall and then don't pay any more attention to me.