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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 5, Issue 3

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A Fatality After Firing
( 1943) Ladwig, V. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A four-year- old brown gelding of light horse breeding was presented at the Stange Memorial Clinic on December 27, 1942. The animal was showing lameness in all four legs. The general condition was poor.

Radiant Energy
( 1943) Kanegis, L. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

It is generally conceded that the study of radiant energy as such is a matter involving the work of the physicist. It is to their credit that the various forms of radiant energy have been explored, measured, and described. Of the new aids which physics has given workers in biology, probably the most important are the quantum theory of light, and the new implements, techniques of generating, manipulating and measuring radiations. Radiant energy of desired wave lengths and frequencies is now at the command of research workers in the field of biology and physiology who are engaged in the study of the effects of radiant energy on the living organism.

Foot-Rot in Cattle
( 1943) Ungs, David ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A six-month old Hereford bull was brought to the Stange Memorial Clinic on February 2, 1943. The history revealed that the animal had started to limp on its left front foot about two weeks previous and that this symptom had progressively increased until the animal refused to place any weight on the leg.

( 1943) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Nutritional Problems In Cattle
( 1943) Peterson, W. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

As the knowledge of the nutritional requirements for farm livestock increases, it becomes increasingly apparent that the practicing veterinarian has a large role in the application of nutrition to his practice. No other factor is more important in economic production of livestock and livestock products than is adequate nutrition.