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Removal of Pharyngeal Polyp in the Horse
( 1958) Hall, Rodney ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A 7-year old, female, Tennessee Walker was admitted to Stange Memorial Clinic in late August. The owner had purchased the animal rather cheaply, knowing it was in poor condition and hoping that it could be restored to normal.

Necrotic Vulvitis in Feedlot Heifers
( 1958) Maxted, James ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Necrotic vulvitis may be defined as a morbid inflammation of the external genitalia, characterized by hyperemic swelling, necrotic sloughing and large eschar formation which varies from focal lesions to complete obliteration of the area.

Blastomycosis in a Dog
( 1958) White, Thomas ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Blastomycosis, a granulomatous type fungus infection, affects dogs, horses, and man with the majority of the cases being in dogs. This disease is caused by the fungus, Blastomyces dermatitidis. It is a chronic, insidious disease manifested in two forms, either cutaneous and/ or generalized systemic. Blastomycosis is fatal once the disease is disseminated. Cutaneous lesions may persist for months.

Foreign Body in the Orbit of the Eye
( 1958) Nelson, Hillman ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On October 17, 1957, a 2-year old American Saddlebred gelding was admitted to the Stange Memorial Clinic. The only history given was "something wrong with the right eye". Examination showed a soft swelling in the area of the lower eyelid. A hard object could be palpated in this area. There was also considerable exudate present on the eye, but no break in the continuity of conjunctiva or skin.

Alumni News
( 1958) Iowa State University Digital Repository