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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 17, Issue 1

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Do You Agree or Disagree on Family Spending?
( 1962-07-01) Bivens, Gordon ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

A study of conflicts between husbands and wives in making decisions on uses of funds provides some clues for looking into and overcoming some of the financial conflicts you may have in your own family situation.

What Fertilizers for Crop Rotation?
( 1962-07-01) Pesek, John ; Shrader, W. ; Engelhorn, A. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

No one can predict the exact response of a single crop in a given year or at a specific location. Price relationships change, too. What should you do in a cropping sequence? Here are some clues from our long-term research.

Especially for Homemakers
( 1962-07-01) Hurley, Candace ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

This month: Some advice on stain removal, hot-weather food hazards and on "counterbalancing" those vending-machine meals. Nancy Lysen offers some tips on planning for and enjoying the summer car trips to grandma's.

We're Learning For About - Nematodes: Hidden Plant Destroyers
( 1962-07-01) Norton, Dan ; Worf, Gayle ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

As yet, there still are more questions than answers on nematodes and what they do. Once thought to be mainly a warm-climate problem, some nematodes now are known to be active in northern parts of the state.

Can Mastitis Be Controlled?
( 1962-07-01) Herrick, John ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Antibiotics aren't the best controls for mastitis in dairy cows. Sound management and sanitiation practices are the most effective weapons used against the disease. Here are more pointers to help control mastitis.