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Sketch: Volume 23, Issue 3

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( 1957) Ruffcorn, Dennis ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Umm... but yet now, at nearly six, I must trudge that mile pilgrimage Ames-ward." So I disembarked from my train of thought of the time and quit the beaker of boiling water babbling incoherently of escaping vapor and from the belching fumes that had been attempting to sky-hook my skull...

The Creative Process
( 1957) Moellering, Berta ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A woman must be a poet for she knows the process of birth...

Louie, Portrait of a Corpse
( 1957) Upham, R.A. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Did you ever notice, sometime, when the lights are out and the shades are drawn, and you lie in your bed wondering where you've been and where you're going and how you're going to get there, how voices and echoes and visions from the past start sliding through your mind?...

The Power
( 1957) Obrecht, Stephen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

He studied his house carefully, making sure it was his own, pausing on the public sidewalk, surer of his place as John Q...

The Green Grandson
( 1957) VonKerns, John ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The little boy zig-zagged around the front lawn and rough-housed with the family dog. His forehead was damp...