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The Iowa Homemaker vol.21, no.1 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 21, Issue 1

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Sally Chooses Fashions from Around the World
( 2017-07-17) Halpin, Ida ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Ida Halpin says loyalty to our neighbor will be dominant in our spring fashions this year

Sizes Turn to the Tapeline
( 2017-07-17) Dieken, Gertrude ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Gertrude Dieken, extension associate, tells of research in clothing size standardization

The Homemaker Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary
( 2017-07-17) Ferguson, Fred ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Mrs. Fred Ferguson, '21, reviews the Homemaker's history and lists all former staffs

The Iowa Homemaker vol.21, no.1
( 2017-07-17) Koebel, Ann ; Brady, Betty ; Dieken, Gertrude ; Halpin, Ida ; Plagge, Doris ; Gebhard Sayder, Clara ; Read, Margaret ; Thomas, Marjorie ; Ferguson, Fred ; Beegle, Allan ; Craven, Patricia ; Simpson, Bette ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Fabric Personality, Editor, page 1

The Fate of Textiles, Ann Koebel, page 2

In a War Torn World, Betty Ann Brady, page 3

Sizes Turn to Tapelines, Gertrude Dieken, page 4

Wardrobe with a Plan, page 5

Sally Finds Fashion, Ida Halpin, page 6

Flower Etiquette, Doris Plagge, page 7

Enriched Flour, Clara Gebhard Snyder, page 8

Textiles and Clothing Department, Margaret Read, page 9

What’s New in Home Economics, page 10

Behind Bright Jackets, Marjorie Thomas, page 14

The Homemaker Celebrates, Mrs. Fred E. Ferguson, page 15

Home Economics and Kitty Foyle, Allan Beegle, page 16

Journalistic Spindles, Patricia Craven, page 17

Alums in the News, Bette Simpson, page 18

Vitamins and Minerals Make Their Debut in Enriched Flour
( 2017-07-17) Gebhard Snyder, Clara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Clara Gebhard Snyder, M.S. '30, home economics director of Wheat Flour Institute, explains the new product.