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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 24, Issue 10

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Protecting Chrysanthemums from Disease
( 1970-04-01) Epstein, A. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Now's the time to take steps to assure fall color from chrysanthemums. Though mums are susceptible to a number of diseases, a few preventive steps will hold problems to a minimum.

Farm Outlook
( 1970-04-01) Futrell, Gene ; Wisner, Robert ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

This month ISU's outlook economists look at general business conditions in addition to the corn, soybean, cattle and hog market situation.

Mating Inhibition, A New Approach to Corn Borer Control
( 1970-04-01) Klun, Jerome ; Brandsberg, George ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Mating inhibition through a sex attractant that can be produced in the laboratory seems to hold promise for future insect control. But practical application is yet a few years away, the authors say.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 24, No. 10
( 1970-04-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
One-Stop Agri-Business Centers - What Impact on Iowa Communities?
( 1970-04-01) Eldridge, Eber ; Baumel, C. ; Nelson, Don ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

A group of economists look at economic principles, logic and retail sales data to project the effect of one-stop farm service centers on local communities. They find the centers would create certain effects in the short-run, but would have different long range implications.