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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 17, Issue 10

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What Future for Soil Insecticides?
( 1963-04-01) Peters, D. ; Gunderson, Harold ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Use of soil insecticides to prevent excessive loss from soil insect damage is an accepted part of corn production. But needs vary from field to field on the same farm, and application methods and materials to use change, too.

Periodical Cicadas Are Coming in May!
( 1963-04-01) Gunderson, Harold ; Craig, W. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Millions of 17-cicadas will come out in southern Iowa in May 1963; 20,000 - 40,000 may emerge around a single tree. They won't sting or bite humans and animals or do much damage, but they will make a lot of noise.

Especially for Homemakers
( 1963-04-01) Hurley, Candace ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

This month: What about the chemical additives that go into the foods we buy? Those that are added intentionally have a definite purpose. Nancy Lysen and Maxine Hinton offer some advice on preschoolers' eating habits.

"Rummage" Sales - A Look at the Used-Clothing Market
( 1962-04-01) Winakor, Geitel ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Most of our clothing comes new from retail stores. But there are other sources, too. Here's a look at one of those sources - the used-clothing market via "rummage," "clothes-line" and other sales - in one Iowa city.

How Do Farm Families Adjust to City Life?
( 1963-04-01) Burchinal, Lee ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The over-all trends of rural and urban population changes are well known, but what of the individual families who move from farms to urban areas? A preliminary study of the situation in one Iowa city provides some clues.