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Ames Forester: Volume 75, Issue 1

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Fall Forestry Welcome Picnic
( 1988) Flemming, Jerry ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Softball, volleyball, brats and burgers -it just doesn't get much better than that. Top it off with a fine mixture of forestry undergraduates, grad students, faculty and staff on a sunny autumn afternoon in Brookside Park and you got the makings for a good time. What better way to kick off the academic year than to mix and mingle, welcome new students, eat a good meal, and take part in some friendly competition.

The Role of Forestry Extension in Iowa
( 1988) Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Cooperative Extension Service is the largest, most successful informal education organization in the world. For more than 70 years, extension has been a strong and dynamic force in agriculture, home economics, natural resources, and community development. The unique tri-level partnership between federal, state, and local governments has proven effective and efficient and has provided the flexibility to adjust to new and additional educational directions. Extension transmits practical, reliable information from universities and research centers on a variety of subjects designed to help people identify and solve problems. More than 3,000 extension offices throughout the nation make up a vast network for extending knowledge to all Americans.

Editor's Letter
( 1988) Davis, Scott ; Herzog, Leslie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Well, it's finally done. If you ask if we are glad that we did this, the answer is a definite yes! It has been a lot of fun, and it has been a good learning experience for both of us. If you ask, if we would ever do it again we would probably say yes. We feel this issue, just as all past issues of the Ames Forester, was well worth all the hours put into its publication by ourselves and everyone else who was involved. This magazine, also known as our departmental annual, is a product of the entire forestry department from the students, the clubs, and the faculty and staff. If everyone wasn't so enthusiastic about a forestry education, developing and expanding professional minds, and participating in department activities we would have nothing to write about.

Cooperation in Meeting the Forest Resource Management Challenge in Iowa
( 1988) Farris, William ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

States with limited forest resources and a heavy agricultural economy, such as Iowa, make the management and promotion of that forest resource a real challenge. Cooperation and coordination of programs within the forestry community are absolutely necessary if that challenge is to be met. There has been a long history of cooperation between the Forestry Department at Iowa State University and the State Forestry agency. The first State Forester was the head of the Forestry Department and served in both capacities until shortly after World War ll. As the state programs evolved a State Forester was hired by the then Iowa Conservation Commission, now Department of Natural Resources. The close ties between the University and the State have always been recognized by both as an essential key to the welfare of the forest resources of Iowa.

The Larsen Memorial Arts Lottery: A Twelve Year Look
( 1988) Thomson, George ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

It was probably a life-time's frustration at having no musical talent at all that prompted the expenditure of a mere $60.00 for the starting of the gratifyingly successful Forestry "Lottery."