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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 27, Issue 3

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Iowa State College Journal of Science 27.3
( 1953-04-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Solution by dual integral equations of a plane-strain Boussinesq problem for an orthotropic medium. Frederick Chong pages 321-334

Parasites of the European corn borer in Iowa. C. C. Blickenstaff, K. D. Arbuthnot, and H. M. Harris pages 335-380

Comparative development of the embryos of inbred and hybrid maize. Robert S. Fairchild pages 381-406

The development and structure of the vegetative and reproductive organs of kudzu, Pueraria thunbergiana (Sieb. and Zucc.) Benth. Harry Josef Romm pages 407-420

Determination of amide nitrogen in vitamins B12 and B12a. Harvey Diehl and John L. Ellingboe pages 421-424

Catalytic behavior of vitamin B12,. in the oxidation of iodide by air. John M. Brierly, John L. Ellingboe, and Harvey Diehl pages 425-436

The nature of the sparing phenomenon. Elery R. Becker and Thomas M. Schwink pages 437-446