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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 1, Issue 8

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Fertilize for Better Hay
( 1947-02-01) Nelson, L. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

You can use phosphate fertilizer profitably for alfafa and red clover on over two-thirds of Iowa cropland. Potash is profitable on an additional fifth of the land. Alfalfa and red clover hay from some Grade A land is now so low in phosphorus that you can't feed it safely unless you add phosphorus to the ration from some other source!

Feed Corn Borers Poison
( 1947-02-01) Gunderson, Harold ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Controlling the European corn borer in Iowa by dusting or spraying with insecticides is sometimes practical. If you are planning to try insecticides, you need to consider the value of the crop, the possible loss where no treatment is applied, the cost of treatment and the availability of materials and equipment.

Better Schools For Farm Youth
( 1947-02-01) Lancelot, W. ; Morgan, Barton ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Are we sending our farm children into life with an educational handicap? Will they have to stumble through life on a mental crutch? Or are we giving our children the best education we know how?

Farm Outlook
( 1947-02-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

If history were to repeat itself exactly, industrial activity and employment would drop off sharply about next April or May. This would cause a decrease in demand for farm products and sharply lower farm prices. Six months ago most business forecasters, including government agencies, were sure such a "recession" would occur. Now they're not so sure.

Electric Mixers No Luxury
( 1947-02-01) Hurley, Candace ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

An electric mixer is no longer a luxury gadget. With its powerful motor and variety of speeds, a mixer is as good as a hired girl in the farm kitchen any day. Cakes are mixed, potatoes mashed, mayonnaise made, and even ice cream frozen while you sit and practically fold your hands. What's more, it coses little to operate. It takes no more each day than 1 hour's current for your kitchen light.